Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Removing the top soil for the foundation

The diggers have arrived to dig out the topsoil for the foundation. Only 10 cm is removed and filled in with base course. All the topsoil is re-used on location.
Finally, we have also found a (local) plumber that can do the plumbing as the underfloor heating as well.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

men at work

Some hard work going on to get the bales stacked.
Real work has started

Last week we received the building consent. At the end it wasn't to difficult - no issues with either straw or plaster, but it did take longer than necessary. The comprehensive set of drawings and supporting documentation will have helped getting it through council.
Three days of good weather allowed the contractors harvesting the barley and making the bales. Baling was finished Sunday and we got a call the same night that the bales were arriving on Monday morning. That created a bit of a flurry of activity and we took a day of work to make sure everything worked out well.
At the end, we needed that day of work because 1,100 bales needed more space than estimated. All of the haybarn was used and also our two bay garage. The contractor stacked the bales for us. Colton Bros Ltd from Martinborough provided the bales and transport and stacking of bales was done by Garrity Bros from Martinborough.