Sunday, May 31, 2009

Macrocarpa beams

Yesterday was an exciting day as we went to see our macrocarpa timber beams being sawn. It is one of our objectives to source as much as possible materials locally and it is pretty cool to have a sawmill 500 metres "down the road" (Ticehurst).
The macrocarpa beams are used for the apex and other parts of the roof structure. The same timber is also used for external posts for the verandah/deck. The macrocarpa will not require chemical treatment and the finish will be natural oils.

Friday, May 29, 2009

More framing

We are back in business. After last week's storm the builders made some good progress. The blog is less frequently updated because it is getting wintery and now arriving home from work in the dark. No good for taking pictures. Anyway, internal framing completed and the loft is in. Quite nice to have a look around from the second floor although it will be a different look and feel after the roof goes on.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Framing internal walls goes up

It has been a bit quite during the last couple of weeks - mainly due the weather and now we are in a bit of a pickle too. Also due to the weather.
The last two weeks the weather was very unreliable with most of the days either rainy or forecasted rain. This caused more than a week of delays as the builder couldn't finish the sealing of the concrete (where the walls will be placed).
This week we saw some good progress with the internal wall framing going up (bathroom, laundry etc.). The builder started also with building the scaffold to support the placement of the ridge beam - a 10 m piece of steel.
Unfortunately, the bad weather continued and it went from windy to storm last week. The scaffold was not prepared for that and decided to take a walk across the concrete floor last night. In doing so it took the bracing of the internal walls with it. What looked as great progress on Friday afternoon looked suddenly very sad on Sunday morning. Luckily the builder responded quick and saved the internal walls from further damage. It can all be fixed easily and the damage is limited. The scaffold needs to be rebuild though. At the end we are lucky that the steel ridge beam was not sitting on the scaffold.