Friday, October 16, 2009

Oiling the rafters

We are a bit behind with updating the blog. Busy, busy busy. Lots to do at work and also working on the house in the evening hours and the weekend.
Detailing and netting is now in full swing and we are making good progress. Added quite a few pictures to our photo site - just double click on one of pics in the blog and follow the link. Have a look for some of the details.
The house is now also connected to the electricity, water and phone network. Quite a big job as far as digging and dirt is concerned but it was all done in one day.
Esther is also oiling the rafters as did needs to be done before plastering and before the builders move the scaffolding out of the house. It is now hands on deck for the whole family and everybody is doing a bit.
We are still two weeks of plastering but we are getting pretty close now. Really looking forward to that stage.