Sunday, July 19, 2009

Finished roof - view from east

Some tangible results this week: a completed roof. The builders made lot of progress, despite at times horrible weather. We are very pleased with the result.We also found a home for the polystyrene waste from the roof. It can all go to PolyPalace in Poirirua were it will be recycled into underfloor board insulation. Pretty neat as we had only a small amount of waste until know. With the polystyrene being recycled we are keeping it that way. Not sure what will happen next week but we are getting pretty close to the bales now.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

West facing roof

The last two weeks have been a bit of a challenge. Soon after the arrival of the roof panels (two weeks ago), the builder with help of the manufacturer of the roof panels started installation. However, after a couple of hours they discovered the panels didn't fit and couldn't be made to fit. Apparantly, something had gone wrong during production resulting in the top layer being 1 cm to wide. As a consequence the insulation and bottom layer didn't connect with the next roof panel.
The supplier of the roof responded very well and arrangement for supply of a new roof. The builder also arranged for compensation from the supplier for all additional cost resulting from this.
Although we came to a good arrangement we "lost" a week and with the weather pretty crappy not a lot of progress until early this week.
It was also a logistical challenge (on our driveway) to get the big crane in again and the truck to pick the faulty panels and drop off the new ones. The neighbours must have had an entertaining week.
At the end, the real work started again on Wednesday with putting the roof panels over the carport and bedrooms. The roof supplier provided support for the installation. Yesterday the builders started with the west facing part of the roof.